About us

We believe in alternative ways of discovering the world. We have a deep respect for customs and mores, an environmental awareness and admiration for the landscape. Motivated by these things, we take our guests on a tour of certain alternative aspects of our ‘home’ and enjoy the ride with them.

Far from the fast-paced rhythm of contemporary day-to-day life, the action trails we select are an ideal means of escape and guarantee that you will return revitalised, with an amazing sense of well-being.

In addition to taking guests around the well-known sights on Rhodes, a cosmopolitan island popular with tourists, we discover untouched land where the scenery alternates rapidly under the deep blue of the Greek sky, beside charming beaches and crystal clear waters.

Responsible tourism policy

  • Alternative holidays
  • Eco friendly transportation
  • Local team
  • Greek hospitality

Economic responsibility

Local staff

Rhodes Roads isbasedon Rhodes island and is ownedby locals. All members of our team come from Rhodes or are residents in Rhodes and have gone native. They work with Rhodes Roads because they consider their “work” enjoyment by exploring alternative routes and meeting up with new friends.

Local resources

We cooperate with small family-run accommodation, local restaurants and locally owned establishments for all our services (transfer, shopping, bike repair, food, cultural trips). All our partners are non-chain enterprises, active only in Rhodes, that contribute to local economy. We use local resources not only for economical reasons but to offer our guests authentic experiences by interacting with inhabitants of the island. By choosing alternative routes and spots on the island, we visit traditional shops at remote villages untouched by massive tourism of Rhodes and we support economy of the area. We encourage our guests to shop from village shops and from individual crafts-people.

Non peak tourist season

We conduct our cycling holidays all year long since winter is not winter in Rhodes. We contribute to economic development while massive tourism is absent and we promote Rhodes as a destination for all seasons. At the same time we are the lucky ones to experience a different image of the island.


We sponsor events with added cultural value by providing our bikes and guides. We promote use of bike by organizing cycling tours as an add-on to events, like Open Doors, Tourism Day, School outings, Day tours by local associations.Part of our yearly income is donated to support Cat Sanctuary at Kalithea Spa, by Rhodes Animal Welfare Society.

Environmental responsibility

Bike use

We exploit bike use for our alternative holidays in Rhodes. Even though we sometimes cycle in NATURA protected areas, our bikes as non mechanical vehicles do not disturb flora and fauna. Our small vehicles that are nearby for support can easily follow existing paths and our operations do not result in construction of new roads that facilitate access of larger vehicles. We have a lot of happy encounters with animals on our way but we never interfere with nature.

Small group size

Our small group size allows us to use only jeeps and minivans. We do not use larger vehicles like coaches. We keep our travels eco-friendly, easy in rural areas we visit and social on the going. Cultural awareness. Our guests are well informed before their trip and before each route about the history, geology and cultural significance of the area. They always adjust happily to physical and social environment. We visit “off the beaten track” spots and we enjoy genuine interactions with locals. In addition, we offer Greek language and cuisine lessons. Our guests get a real insight into Rhodian and Greek life style.

Minimum transportation needs

We have limited our guests’ transportation needs by providingthem with a bike during their stayand bypaying particular attention to thelocation of our accommodation.There are manyfacilities in walking distance and allcycling activity is nearby accomodation. Even when we use our jeeps or minivans to transfer guests to «must-see» sites on the island, we travel as group -enjoying company and using every seat in our vehicles. Our guests do not need and never rent a car during their holidays.

Environmentally friendly accommodation

Our accommodation has adopted schemes like Solar energy, Durable Service Items, Reduction of water and energy consumption, Recycle bins.

Paper consumption

We have limited our paper publications to the minimum and we use only recycled paper for them. All our leaflets are available in electronic form for online viewing. We use only email to communicate with our guests and we do not use paper prints or mailing envelopes. Moreover, we exploit social media for direct communication.

Social responsibility

Local culture

All our activities are organised by local people and involve tours in areas that areunknown to massive tourism, thus guarantee authentic local experiences. We have established close relationships with local people and there is a mutual respect for our activities. Although we profit from Rhodes Roads activities, we help local people profit by cooperating with businesses that are rarely visited by tourists. At the same time our guests profit by cultural encounters, by Greek hospitality and by experiencing real Greek life style.

Intercultural exchange

Small group size (along with visits to sites by the whole group) helps build up team spirit and socialise more. Moreover, small groups allow for more interaction between tour leaders and guests themselves, leading to intercultural exchanges. Greek language and cuisine lessons is an excellent chance to see deep in Greek culture and tradition, since you can tell a lot about the lifestyle of a country by seeing how they eat. Learning to communicate in Greek and cooking local delicacies have definitely added cultural value.

After many years of taking foreign friends around Rhodes and exploring it with them, we discovered and learned much about the island through the eyes of our foreign friends.

Leaving behind Rhodes’ much frequented roads, we took to forgotten paths that served as the old social and trading network between the villages, paths used for agriculture and livestock farming, paths leading to pilgrimage sites and places of religious devotion … and in doing so we discovered ‘another’ Rhodes. This other, this alternative Rhodes is as equally impressive and stunning as the Rhodes everyone knows... it is a Rhodes dressed in the glorious simplicity of the Greek countryside.

Having acquired knowledge and skills, today we are proud to present our alternative Rhodes to potential friends around the globe who want to explore this island with us. We look forward to making new friends from all over the world and promise that you will experience unforgettable moments of relaxation and well-being in the hospitable Greek countryside.

Organisational structure


Rhodes Roads has an effective, efficient organisational structure in place. Its staff and managers are reliable, and strictly comply with the company’s bylaws. Our staff are not just members of a working team. Management treats them like members of the family.

This warm, family-focused management style ensures that our staff are always creative, open, cooperative and in a good mood. This climate gives our guests a sense of certainty and security, and reflects the warmth of Greek hospitality.

Our staff stand out for their passion for nature, cycling and the alternative side of Rhodes as well as for their passion for exploration, and their polite nature and leadership skills.